Todd’s Blog:

Day 14. By now you have seen my pics…what can I say? I’m adorable, eh? Well this foster family and the pack of four critters have settled in very nicely for me since I graced their presence 2 weeks ago. I am thinking back about that first day I arrived and was so lonely for my 4 little children I was raised with. Then I met my four-legged new foster pack…first the two dogs, then the two cats. WOW! We all got along perfect and from that first moment on we are now “packmates”!!!. They were all enamored with me from the start. Let me highlight some of the great things that come with this canine package, known as

Todd: I was named after a movie character in the movie, “The Fox and the Hound.” I know where my eating area is, and am not a finicky eater. The pack and I eat great food and have supplements each day. My packmates and I all share the same watering hole…taking turns. I ride like a champ in the car. Although when I try to ride “shotgun”, I am told to move on back with the rest of the pack! I do walk very well on a leash and take long walks almost every day to keep my slender shape and strong heart.

I sleep by the side of the bed, alert and on guard all night long…ZZZZZZZ.

I know some commands…ya know, the important ones like, “come”, “no”, and of course the grand daddy of them all, “EAT”! I am learning more words like “sit”, “stay”, and “back”.

I am up to date on my immunizations, am now microchipped, and love having my teeth brushed. Speaking of brushing, the foster Mom spent a long time bathing and brushing my luscious locks…and making me so beautiful. I heard the Wag N’ Wash folks remark that I was SO patient the whole time. Well, it paid off. Hearing all the “Ooos” and “Aaaahs” as I pranced out of the vet’s office confirmed I DID look good and behaved so well. They were so surprised I am such a youthful pooch of just eight years.

Now go back and relook at those adorable pics…the cute head shot, the side stance like I am in the Westminster show, walking with my pack, and the cute shot with that adorable head tilt. Sheeesh, what a package I will be with one person, a big family with kids, someone with a few years on…well, I am flexible and will be a perfect fit for any family dynamic! If that doesn’t sell you…I come with that really cool green leash!

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