How You Can Help

MHCSR Website Sheltie #3HOW YOU CAN HELP 

We are always in need of kind-hearted dog savvy people willing to lend their time, talents and/or treasures:  Foster Families, Transportation, Groomers, Home Visits, Meet & Greet Event Coordinators & Participants, and, of course Monetary Donations.  If you can help, email us at  To help us better serve you, please begin by completing the information in the form below.  An outline of activities where we can use your help can be found below (be sure to hit ‘submit’ before leaving this page)!

Our most important group of volunteers is our Foster Families.  These are single or multi-person homes – pet owners or not – that are willing to share their home until our ‘rescue dogs’ can be adopted.  Foster families provide care and companionship while the dogs are with them.  This includes food, water, grooming, and trips to the veterinarian.  Most foster families provide food for the dogs but in certain cases, particularly those involving special diets, MHCSR will cover the expense.  We need long-term fosters as well as short-term fosters.  The latter are those interested in fostering when our long-term fosters need a vacation or otherwise are unable to foster for a short period.  If you are interested in Fostering (short term or long term) you must also complete our Foster Application Form and be approved.  You can click the form directly from the main menu of any website page or click this link: Foster Application

If you are a Groomer, or just know how to groom collies and shelties, we can always use your volunteer or low-cost services to help offset expenses for MHCSR.  The money we save can be used for vet bills on the next rescue dog we take in.

Our Transportation volunteers use their own vehicles to move dogs from the shelters to veterinarians and from there to the foster homes.  Though we primarily focus our efforts in the Eastern half of CO, it is not uncommon for us to get requests to rescue dogs from out of state such as WY, MT, SD, and NE, as you can see our transportation needs continue to grow!

The Home Visit volunteers travel to potential adopter homes to conduct a home visit inspection.  This inspection helps ensure that the new home is dog safe both inside and out.  The volunteer evaluates basic items and follows the form provided to you.  As a volunteer you certainly will not be looking for “dust bunnies.”  Since adoption applications come from all over Colorado, as well as the surrounding states, we always need more volunteers to serve in this capacity.

One of our key activities is a “Meet & Greet” event.  This is how MHCSR is made known in communities and gives potential adopters more information on our organization. We need people to help chair / coordinate these events and need people to simply attend the event and share their knowledge & experience of the MHCSR organization.

Last, but certainly not least, we can always use your Monetary or Other Donations.  Your donations keep MHCSR up and running.  Even relatively small donations can help.  When your donation is combined with donations from your friends and family, the value of the gift is magnified.  Please see the link “Donate” for more information on how to make monetary gifts.  Donations of food and supplies are accepted also.  Every little bit helps!  MHCSR is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Every penny you donate goes to help rescue Collies and Shelties.  Your donation is also tax deductible!

If you are interested in serving in any of these capacities, please click on the link above.  You can always contact us at  Thank You!!