Happy Endings

Happy Endings

This page is dedicated to our Adopters who have opened their hearts and home to these wonderful deserving dogs of Mountain High Collie and Sheltie Rescue.  These are their stories and photos to let us know how their new family member is making a difference.


My goodness look how big Gracie is getting! Her family reports that she is doing fantastic and just graduated from puppy manners school and is now enrolled in a puppy agility course, she is one busy little girl!






We adopted Lance on Thursday, October 24th. He is filling our hearts with the love and laughter that was missing since losing our much loved Golden Retriever Riley who passed away from Lymphoma just a short time ago.Our Collie, Murrey was very lonely and depressed. When Murrey met Lance there was an instance connection. Since coming to live with us Murrey and Lance have been inseparable even while sleeping and eating. It’s like Lance has always lived here enjoying his huge yard and going in and out of the dog door with ease.

Lance, is a very special boy and we are very proud to call him our little boy. Lance has been a perfect fit for our family and we thank everyone with Mountain High Collie & Sheltie Rescue that helped to make this happen for us.

John,Nancy, Murrey, and Lance Leeb



Maddie is the sweetest, most beautiful little girl. We are her 4th home in her short 10 months of life but you would never know it. She has moved right in to our home and our heart. Our 7 year old collie is crazy about her and he has really helped to socialize her. We feel so fortunate to have her in our life and look forward to a long healthy life together.

Dave and Kay, Denver, CO




Well, Tatum formerly Sage has sure made himself at home here! Would you believe he will go stand in front of the dog door when he needs to go outside? He runs down the ramp and out in the “potty” area and does his business, then runs up the ramp so proud of himself. (yes, I have taken him out every 30 minutes while awake and made such a big deal about his going outside :) ) He loves to play in the snow, and runs like a rabbit in the backyard. Our vet, Dr. Foster, says he is just awesome!

These little guys are just so precious, they all will make wonderful additions to any family. I know you will find the perfect homes for them.

Hope all of your doggies are doing well.

Kathy and Tatum



Things are going great here. Opal (aka: Yoda) is doing well. She loves to dance around when I come home. She actually hops up on the deck from the yard. The weather has been pretty cold and snowy since she arrived but she seems to enjoy the yard. She has picked out her special place for sleeping and taken over the big dog bed.

After a few days she settled right in and made friends with Griz, Winnie and Pickles (damn cat).

Thank you all for letting Opal come live out her life here in Wyoming. We are all grateful.

Lois and the furkids



All is well here! Tomorrow is Mistee’s 5th puppy lesson. She has picked up sit, stay, down & wait with no problem. She is mastering heel right now. We all were surely blessed when she joined our family.

We just wanted to say THANK YOU MHCSR for our Mistee Girl!!!





Things are good. I just got a new bed. All mine, but I might share with Griz & Winnie. Not sure about the cat though.  “Hello” to all my rescue friends. Wyoming is a good place to be!

All the best to you,



After losing several family members late last year I still had our sheltie Shotzie #3 but sadly on March 5th she passed away. I knew I wanted another sheltie and decided to search for a rescue sheltie so I contacted Mountain High Collie & Sheltie Rescue. Within a few weeks after submitting my application and being approved I was contacted by Kathy at MHCSR that they might have a perfect match for me coming in from Kansas from another sheltie rescue.I met Cinnamon on April 9th and officially adopted her on 4/14/14 and she is now named Schotzie #4 (means sweetheart in German). She is so well trained, loving and playful. She loves to go on walks around the lake and loves all the attention she receives. She also races around the yard to release some of her energy.

I have rated her an A+. We were meant for each other. Thank you so much MHCSR.

Arlene & Shotzie #4