Foster Requirements/Application

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Complete the form and click submit to send your application.  After submitting your application, please be sure to check any spam folders or filters for email responses from MHCSR.  Please allow at least 3 days for us to process your application.  If we feel that your application will meet our guidelines we will be back with you by phone for an interview.

Our foster program or as we like to refer to it as the “In Home Heroes Program”, is an extremely rewarding experience.  As a foster you are taking a dog and providing not only care, but also a loving home environment.  You will give the rescue dog the confidence to go to its forever home.  Our amazing network of foster families make it possible for the dogs in their care to relax, convalesce, learn manners, and find comfort during their transitional period.  You will play a critical role in the rescue process by nurturing and training the dog that is eagerly awaiting a family of their very own.  MHCSR provides financial support for food and approved vet care, while the dog resides in your home.


We expect our foster dogs to be treated like family members and live inside your home.  In taking on the responsibility of fostering, you agree to provide a stable and loving environment where your foster dog will feel safe and secure.  A home visit will be required.  Everyone living in the home must be present for the home visit.  A secure fenced yard is required.  Electric fences are not acceptable.  For safety reasons, your foster dog must never be walked off leash, unless it is within the confines of a secure fenced yard.

Dogs are surrendered to rescues for many reasons.  We will provide you with as much background as we know about the foster dog.  Your foster dog can be shy, fearful or may never have lived in a house before.

If you have other dogs, we suggest introducing them to your foster on neutral territory.  It might be advisable to keep the foster separated from your pets, when they are not supervised, and until you are certain that the rescue dog will be accepted by your pets.

If you should decide to adopt your foster, we ask that you do so before a prospective family comes to meet the dog.  Foster families are still required to submit an application and pay the adoption fee.

It can be very sad to see your special foster leave for its forever home.  We expect that you will get emotionally attached.  That is normal.  Providing a foster home is not easy, but is very rewarding.  Your selflessness will ensure that your foster dog is ready to move to a forever home and be a new best friend for a loving family.