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Within our organization’s scope and reach, MHCSR is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating collies and shelties and placing them in a loving forever home. In the interim period, between rescue and adoption, our all-volunteer team provides temporary homes, in a safe and loving environment, while we search for an adoptive home that is the right match for each dog.  We never forget that most adopters see only a brief view of our overall organization, so we strive to ensure the perfect adoption experience with us.  Every perfect adoption experience requires a network of committed volunteers, veterinarians, partners, loving adoptive families and friends who pay the love forward with gifts of time, talent and treasure. We want every collie and sheltie to have a home. At MHCSR, we make it happen….one adoption at a time!The majority of dogs in our program are rescued after being abandoned or surrendered to shelters. We also assist individuals who wish to give up their collie or sheltie for adoption. We welcome applications from outside of Colorado. However, because we require pre-adoption screening, applications outside of Colorado may need to be patient while we locate a volunteer to assist us with the home visit step of our application process.

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All MHCSR dogs live in foster homes where their energy level, temperament, training, and other skills can be assessed prior to adoption.Our Adoption Fee includes a complete vet examination, spay or neuter, brought up-to-date on vaccinations, tested and treated for heartworms and parasites, given heartworm preventative, groomed and micro-chipped before adoption. Our adoption fee does not cover all the costs associated with each dog so we are dependent upon private donations to meet our expenses.Our goal is to make the best possible match for a dog and we will work very closely with each prospective adopter to ensure a successful placement has taken place.

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web photoThis is my unit of shelties, Bailey, Scotchy, Reggie, and Zorro.  I have always had shelties.  They are loyal and so smart, and goes without saying talkative.  Three of the brood are in agility.  Reggie is a puppy mill survivor and has a bad leg, so he can’t do agility.  I have been involved in rescue for 4 years, and I am so excited about our new Rescue.

Judith Hughes
Vice President and Chair of the Foster Committee